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Stemme S10

eVia – Electric Vehicle System

This is a “back of the envelope” mathematical model of a Stemme S10 motor glider with an eVia power back in it. It shows that a vehicle can use the system to get comparable performance to one utilizing an internal combustion engine. Here the battery is used for take off & climb and the fuel cell stack is used for cruise and recharging. The system here exemplifies what we feel the characteristics of an eVia system would be once fully optimized. The amount of fuel being carried here could realistically be increased significantly as the H2O2 is stored at roughly 30% concentration (wt) and the proton fuel takes up very little weight and volume. Storing the H2O2 at higher concentration could actually increase the range of the aircraft immensely and this really stresses how effective the energy density of the reaction at hand coupled with the efficiency of a fuel cell is.